Little Miss Turtle | I only want to buy a toothbrush

I only want to buy a toothbrush

Strange encounters   When you are in a wheelchair, people tend to tell you their whole life including all their diseases and worries. I mean situations like this one: About a year I ago my brother and I were strolling through Hamburg when suddenly a strange woman came towards us out of nowhere. She stopped next to me asking […]

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Little Miss Turtle | Nice surprise at CDG Airport

Nice surprise at Paris CDG Airport

I lately took a flight to Paris CDG Airport together with my boyfriend. After landing, a nice disability service assistant helped me to leave the airplane. He lifted me back into my wheelchair and accompanied us all the way to the arrival zone. At the exit, he asked us what we would do next. I replied that we would go […]

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Little Miss Turtle | Wheelchair accessible Skiing Isola 2000

Wheelchair accessible Skiing in Isola 2000

Skiing with my pilot in Isola 2000   Last weekend I went skiing! Yes, I really went skiing! In France the government does very well in offering all different kinds of accessible sports for disabled people. Accessible Skiing is one of the many choices!     The Tandem’Flex (by TESSIER) is a bucket seat construction […]

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Little Miss Turtle | You are so charming Miss

You are so charming, Miss!

  Strange encounters – A true story   Yesterday I went to Cannes to meet a friend. While I was waiting on the sidewalk in my wheelchair, a scruffy, unkempt looking man stopped next to me and said “You are so charming, Miss!”. I looked up, surprised by his words. I thanked him when he continued “It’s […]

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